TO Provide Fast, Reliable, and secure Electronic Recycling services - Free of Charge!

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In today's world of cyber security threats like identity theft, corporate espionage, and ransomeware, data security is of the utmost importance. That's why we see to it that all data containing devices and hard drives are wiped or destroyed to DoD standard. This gives our customers peace of mind, and more importantly eliminates the risks posed by improper handling of sensitive data. A serialized Certificate of Destruction is available upon request for a nominal fee and on-site hard drive destruction is also available.



The electronics you are recycling have value and we don't believe you should be charged for pickups or removal. In fact, if your computer or networking equipment is still current in today's market, we offer liquidation / buyout services - adding a new stream of revenue to your business because let's face it, in order to compete in today's marketplace your equipment needs to be upgraded on a regular basis.

We extract value where others cannot, so even if your equipment is outdated or broken, we will pickup and recycle it for free.

All of your recycled electronics are processed right here in the U.S. and we NEVER export to foreign countries. Why is this important? A report in 2016 from the Basel Action Network, in which they secretly tracked the goods collected by so-called "electronics recyclers", cited 40% of e-Waste given to Recyclers gets Shipped Illegally to Polluting Operations Overseas. Even R2 Certified and e-Stewards Certified Recyclers were offenders!

So, how are we different? All the e-Waste we collect is identified in one of two ways - Reusable  or Scrap Material. All reusable equipment and parts are tested, and even refurbished right here in our facility. Then, it is put back to market, extending its life and reducing the demand in the market for new goods (which use more resources to manufacture). All scrap material is broken down into its component base materials (e.g. plastics, circuit boards, metals) and sent directly to the smelter for processing into raw recycled material - ready for reuse, right here in the U.S.