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In today's world of cyber security threats like identity theft, corporate espionage, and ransomeware, data security is of the utmost importance. That's why we see to it that all data containing devices and hard drives are wiped or destroyed to DoD standard. Our ITAD services will gives our customers peace of mind, and more importantly eliminates the risks posed by improper handling of sensitive data. A serialized Certificate of Destruction is available upon request for a nominal fee and on-site hard drive destruction is also available

At Circuitry Recycling our clients aren’t just a name or a number. Based right in Beverly, MA we stride to provide personal, reliable service to each and every one of our customers whether it’s a quick call from the office or the service you receive onsite, we want to ensure each client is the most important client. 

If you want to experience the hands-on local approach, give us a call. You won’t be disappointed. 


TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS' Social & Environmental ResponSibility while PROVIDing A secure and SUCCESSFUL Electronic Recycling / IT ASSet liquidation STRATEGY.

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Circuitry Recycling

Circuitry Recycling has been in business since 2017 and operates out of the North Shore of Massachusetts. Our Mission Statement is simple: Provide clients a secure, affordable, and successful ITAD strategy. Increase our client’s ROI and increased security while eliminating harmful impacts to the environment caused by improper handling of material. And ensure your data and electronics don’t end up in a landfill contributing to the harmful waste hurting our planet. 

We strive to help businesses and IT personnel manage their end-of-life electronics in the most secure, convenient, and responsible ways possible. Our commitment to 100% landfill diversion is just one way in which we are helping to offset the environmental impact and carbon footprint of our clients. Additionally, we are able to extract value where others cannot, so our ITAD services will improve ROI even for fully depreciated assets. Call us today to discuss your needs - (877) 392-7830 or (978) 969-1472